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Forgetting and Remembering

No longer counting the days. July 9th, 2020
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Many of us become concious of apparently being more forgetful as we age in years and few of us remember our forgetfulness as teenagers, harried parents or workers. Having said that I have become more aware of the times I forget something but then I have became more aware of many aspects of my existence in recent years. An example of my forgetfulness would be this morning when I looked for my green jumper. Very quickly I recalled that I had last seen it on a wheelbarrow outside one of the poly tunnels, so the forgetting is balanced by the remembering.
We can fall into the trap of criticising ourselves, raising fears of decline into dementia and all sorts of catastrophic fantasies. We often hear people expressing their fear through jokes or flippant remarks, “I’m having a senior moment.” Not only is this ageist it also causes self-inflicted suffering

I think it is well worth the effort of exploring our level of forgetfulness at other points in our lives. While the forgetting may be embarrassing in some circumstances most times it can just be gently smiled at without censure. We are allowed to forget what ever age we may be, forgetfulness is not just the domain of the over 60s we all live there at times.

Right now I cannot remember where I left my waterproof jacket but there’s a pretty good chance it’s on the coat hook by the door!

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