June 15th, 2020: The Barn Retreat: Three day home retreat, "One of the unique features of this retreat is the chance to develop supportive community through connecting with each other and sharing our experiences in smaller groups." Weekly from July, 2020.

May 17th, 2020: In the Guardian Australian writer Charlotte Wood compares the trials of later life with those of younger people and comes to the conclusion, which correlates with her lived experience, that being older has lot to offer us.

"Perhaps, instead of capitulating to reduction, we can keep adding to our concept of how to age – turn our thinking about oldness into an art, and keep exploring it."

Read the article at here.

Exploring the rewards and challenges surrounding later life

When I began developing the Joy of Ageing web site the coronavirus Covid-19 was something way over there in a Chinese city I had never heard of. My plan was to launch the site as a resource to support a series of workshops on ageing that I envisaged would start early in 2021. Like much else around the world that plan is up in the air with no way of knowing how things will land.

One of the many disturbing aspects of way the UK has responded to the emergency is the instances of endemic ageism at all levels of society. I will reference some of these in the resources section. What it clearly shows is that we have a very long way to go before older people are restored to a position of respect and valued for their life experience, wisdom and good will. Having said that, it is inspiring to witness the patience and wisdom of many older people as they encounter so much change and uncertainty.

We often have unchallenged views and opinions about getting older that have been absorbed from society, our families, teachers and peers. The media, entertainment and business are, to a large extent, age-phobic. Yet change is afoot, many older people are no longer prepared to sit on the settee and watch TV for 20 years. There is so much we elders can be doing for ourselves, for our communities and for the planet.

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